aka ATOM - misc. original tracks

    aka Precious Roy - misc. original tracks

   continuous dj mixes

    ATOM - WMC09 promo dj mix (original+funky+minimal)

    ATOM @ GaiaTribe, Portland, OR - Everybody Loves Music AUG08 (funky+techy outdoor rave)

    ATOM-Deep@Glenbrook (deep+vocal house)

    ATOM - WMC08promo LIVEMIX (originals+funky)

    ATOM-FEB08 roentgenLEVELS (minimal+tech)

    ATOM - ttH+ (minimal+tech)    

    ATOM - live at fusionTHINK DEC05 (various funky house)

    ATOM - live at fusionTHINK, JULY 2005 (various funky+techy house)

    ATOM - der Deutsche innerhalb (micro+tech)

    ATOM - thoughts of michelle (minimal/vocal chill)


    Complaining Lucy

    The First Page Of The ATOM Exit Strategy

    ATOM Got Jam On My Woman

    ATOM+NOELLE-Give Me My Funky Sandwiches

    3rd Bass-Flippin Off Whitey (ATOM's Tastycake Mix)

    A Guy Called Gerald-Voodoo Ray (ATOM's Evil Brady Tiki Mix)

    Angela Johnson-All I Need (ATOM's Sonic Parameter ReRub)

    Beyonce-Single Ladies (ATOM's Sparkly Zirconia Mix)

    Bill Withers-Use Me (ATOM's 175BPM Bondage Mix)

    Bjork-I See Who You Are (ATOM's X-Ray Specs Mix)

    Bobby 'Boris' Pickett-The Monster Mash (ATOM's Agida for Dracula Mix)

    Black Eyed Peas-Don't Phunk With My Heart (ATOM's Lunar Throwback)

    David Bowie-Ashes to Ashes (ATOM's Crispy Remnants Mix)

    Britney Spears-Circus (ATOM's Barnum Disaster Mix)

    Depeche Mode-Blue Dress (ATOM's Short Skirt Mix)

    ATOM-Doomed Thriller

    Edie Brickell-What I Am (ATOM Says Molly's Wet Mix)

    Elton John-Honky Cat (ATOM's Skoal Pinch Remix)

    Eric Clapton-Cocaine (ATOM's White China ReRub)

    Erykah Badu-Real Thang (ATOM's New Formula Mix)

    Flight of the Conchords-Business Time (ATOM's 2 Minutes in Heaven Remix)

    Foreigner-Double Vision (ATOM's Myopic Mix)

    Greenskeepers-Lotion (ATOM's Nourishing Formula Mix)

    Gwen Stefani vs. Jack Dangers (ATOM's Banana Sh!t Mix)

    Jill Scott-Gimmie ATOM

    Jungle Brothers & Paul Simon-ATOM's In St. Judy's House

    Mike Doughty-Busting Up A Starbucks (ATOM's Macchiato Mix)

    Moby-Porcelain (ATOM's Blue Underglaze Mix)

    Naked Music NYC-Too Late (ATOM's Delayed Impact Mix)

    Neal Pattman-Prison Blues (ATOM's Cell Block Remix)

    Nine Inch Nails-The Hand That Feeds (ATOM's Tetanus Dub)

    Paul McCartney-Ram On (ATOM's Stubborn Taurus Mix)

    Paul Simon-Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (ATOM's Skinned Knee Remix)

    Peter Frampton & ATOM-Do You Feel Like Acid?

    Prince-1999 (ATOM's Waikiki Voodoo Cupcake)

    Prince-Black Sweat (ATOM's Got Some Ripe Pits Mix)

    Raul Midon-Sittin In The Middle (ATOM's Pins and Needles Remix)

    Regina Spektor-Poor Little Rich Boy (ATOM's Hedge Fund Dub)

    Steely Dan-Peg (ATOM's Pegged Mix)

    Stevie Wonder-I Wish (ATOM's Small Request Mix)

    Talking Heads-Take Me To The River (ATOM's Depth Charge Distortion Mix)

    The Beatles-Because (ATOM's Reasoning Mix)

    The Beatles-Within You, Without You (ATOM's Lonely Journey)

    The Clovers-In the Morning Time (ATOM's Morning Wood Mix)

    The Fixx & ATOM-One Thing Leads To Disaster

    The Police-Walking In Your Footsteps (ATOM's EE-Wide Mix)

    The Ting Tings-Shut Up and Let Me Go (ATOM's Insolent Correction Mix)

    U2-So Cruel (ATOM's Quantum Superposition Mix)


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